About Me

Peter Profile

My day job keeps me busy as an Enterprise Solutions Architect, IT leader and Evangelist for Cloud & Security.

When it comes to experience, I have spent the last 15 years working directly in the IT industry. This has been across many industry sectors; I’m fortunate that this has spanned a diverse mix of transformational opportunities in both BPO & ITO markets exposing me to both challenging and rewarding situations across the world.

I have been involved in all aspects of an IT solution, and my current position focuses on end to end solutions management in cloud and security; with technical thought leadership, service development, advisory services and support to large programmes of work.

My interests at the moment focus on Hybrid IT, Cloud computing, its security, how its integrated and the business challenges that surround all of this.

We continue to live in exciting times, the industry continuing to deliver change whether that’s through technology, innovation or business need; some out of necessity some by choice. Whichever it is for you the latest trends will impact you both personally or in business – I would love to hear about your views and experiences.


All views are my own